Refuel is six luxury tiny home hotel units built near the old Steamboat Wharf in the heart of Irvington. The Refuel Village mixes the essence of its history with a modern flare that the current village is experiencing. Our micro-hotel is designed for human scale, rather than auto-centric, vacationing. Refuel will grow into a petite mixed-use development with deliberate design that compliments Irvington itself.

What You Will Find

In Your Cottage

Each cottage features a separate bedroom with a queen bed, an efficiency kitchen with microwave, refrigerator, coffee maker, induction 2 burner stove top and more. Modern touches, such as refined natural wood shelves and bar stools, workspace and comfortable reading chairs give each cottage all the comforts of a larger space in a tidy package. Each cottage also leads to a private deck for visitors to relax with a cup of coffee or dine al fresco in the fresh air. Additionally, the “Brake Room”, is a shared space with a shuffleboard table, TV, harvest table and nearby grill for you and your spillover friends

Refuel Irvington | Tiny Cottage Vacation Resort


Refuel Irvington | Tiny Cottage Vacation Resort


Refuel Irvington | Tiny Cottage Vacation Resort


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