Refuel Cafe

Cottages Open Year Round. Cafe closed for the 2023 Winter Season.
Countdown to  Spring opening:

In the mean time…

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The Immutable Café Rules v3.2

 Rule #1: Lingering is Encouraged here.

Rule #2: Refuel Café is casual dining with ordering and food pickup inside. Order your food and beverages all at once or stagger your ordering over time. But the customer orders, picks up the food and buses the table.

Rule #3: In case you forgot your book, we have some inside.  Our wifi password is “refuel73” (all lowercase).

Rule #5: We serve the food we serve. We like our menu options and hope you do too. We may expand it in the future. We may not.

Rule #6:  Plant more natives and enjoy the birds and the bees.

Rule#7: The banking overlords have won. Unrelated, we only take credit cards.

Rule #8: Never run with scissors, stand in a swivel chair or park in the boatyard next door.

Rule #9: Send a postcard to someone you love.  Complimentary postcards and stamps are at the busing station… or, peck out a letter on the old typewriter.  We’ll take ‘em to the post office for you too.

Rule #10: The gods (& the owner who happens to be the cook) will smile on you for your patience as we create a new space for friends and family to gather.

Rule #11: A green light on the side of the building means available seating. A red = no seats. Rule 11(B) Entrée orders in by 8:15 please and thank you.

Rule #11: Parties who walk or bike get a free Moon Pie. (let us Know!)

Rule #13: “The secret of happiness, you see, is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less.” ~ Socrates

Rule #14: Slow down and wave.